Thursday, December 13, 2007

I said to her “Please leave me”

I said to her “Please leave me”
Not long ago, I said ”Please believe me
You are the one and only love of my life
Please Oh fairy, be my wife”
She said, “Yes, I will marry you.
To the land of dreams I will carry you.
Yes, oh my beloved, I will be your wife.
Without you, I also can’t imagine my life.”
We fell in love and life became rosier.
More than the whole world her arms were cosier.
We were deeper and deeper in love every passing moment.
Then I did certain things which I had to later repent.
On moonlit nights, I sealed her lips with a kiss.
And promised, “With me your life will be pure bliss.”
She just casted a glance of those beautiful eyes.
“I trust you” she said. “You are my Mr. Nice.”
Then out of nowhere came fierce storms.
All our peace was shattered and life was full of thorns.
The winds seemed to blow us apart and I was scared.
The relationship continued because she was the one who cared.
“We don’t have to lose because we will have a good time.
We have loved each other and to love is not a crime.”
I lacked courage, but, I had faith and hope
I found life tough and pressure too much to cope.
She kept saying that there is day after night.
She kept away my darkness and she shone so bright.
“We have to win and this is life’s ultimate test.
Don’t worry my love, put your head on my lap and rest.”
She caressed my hair and massaged my feet.
“Success is going to be ours and lets chase away defeat.”
I don’t know what to say or what to feel.
I just want to worship you and before you I kneel.
Yes, my fair lady, you are the reason of my existence.
As long as you are by my side, I have resistance.
I said to you, “Please leave me”.
But I meant, “Please never leave me.”
I want your happiness and well being, that’s true.
But, another truth is that I sincerely love you.
I have no luxuries, no money but only pride.
But I just want you to be my bride.
I promise you nothing and all the past promises have proved fake.
But, without you Shona, I will melt like a snowflake.
There is no one to support me and I feel so lonely.
I have one reason to live and you are the one and the only.
I know I have hurt you a lot and made you cry.
With true love I can be good please give me one more try.
I said to you Shona, “Please leave me.”
I mean the opposite, “Please believe me.


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