Monday, December 10, 2007


For how long my dear,

Will you be far-gone?

If forever, I then fear,

I’ll be lonely, all along.

Without you, there’s no me,

Alone myself, I can never be,

Each night and day all along,

The dreams of you prolong.

Begins a day, each and every,

With thy name on my lips,

At night in bed, unlonely I be,

As your vision gives a goodnight kiss.

Though the day, all along,

You live in my mind, always, amiss,

If nothing to do, I think of you.

That gives me a little happy bliss.

Your memories are afresh,

And will always remain to be,

No matter how old I grow,

And even if you don’t come to me.

Ill live my life, thinking about you,

Every moment, this thing I do,

Just your name ill say, and run over,

A sweet, old, memory, one or two.

I have enough memories,

To last for a lifetime,

In the next life though, sweetheart,

Nothing will ever draw us apart.

Because nothing lasts for ever,

Even this distance, and your departure,

That’s my hope and this thought I nurture,

You’ll arrive one day, because, ill wait forever


Suhail said...

same to me.

aarti said...

this is called true love..
nice quote.hmmn really nice